Suzanne Strempek Shea

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My home in the Western Massachusetts valley is rich with writers living and dead. I regularly park my car at the meter below Emily Dickinson’s bedroom window. Errands and events take me past the Eric Carle museum, and also the house that belonged to one of the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only positive aspect of going to an oral surgeon during childhood was that his office was on the same street where Dr. Seuss grew up. Opening the door to a local bookstore, I once nearly smashed into the poet James Tate and a group of his students. Recently waiting to pay for a futon cover at a furniture store, I found Jonathan Harr in line front of me in line.
After nearly three decades in show business, a successful actress moves to a bucolic New England village where she creates and sells her own line of clothing. The role is one Karen Allen might be tempted to play -- if she weren't already living it.
NEW YORK -- There are many reasons for the success of teany cafe, a small treasure of a teahouse on the Lower East Side.

The whitewashed, sun-splashed space makes it a popular destination for grabbing a quick breakfast or settling in for an afternoon of tea and healthy grazing. The organic/vegan menu suits many a diet and palate, and selections including the vegan turkey club easily tempt the tastebuds of carnivores.

"Watch out!"

My mother flung out her arm and knocked me back to the sidewalk. The big blue car that I'd almost stepped in front of rolled smoothly past us and down Causeway Street.

We'd traveled so far and I'd waited so long for this day, my mother reminded me. We were almost in the door of the Boston Garden and now I was going to get myself killed.

Almost 20 years later, Jean Suzor recalls the dream as if it happened last night. "I was driving down this road and up ahead I saw a roadblock. I got closer and saw it was a pile of pierogi as high as I could see. Pierogi were on my left, pierogi were on my right. I said to myself, 'I'm not getting out of here.' The next day I came to work and told them my dream. They said, 'That should tell you something.'"