Suzanne Strempek Shea
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Book Club Questions

Sundays in America
  1. Due to childhood warnings, Suzanne Strempek Shea never worshipped at any church other than Catholic ones. Can you relate to what she was told, whatever your religious background? Is there a place or a group of people or a custom you've never familiarized yourself with due to such warnings - regarding religion or anything else?
  2. Travel is a wonderful opportunity to try something new. Have you ever sampled a different church while on the road for business or pleasure? What were your experiences?
  3. Have you visited any of the churches written about in Sundays in America? If so, what were your experiences there. If not, which would you like to most visit, and why. Which would you stay away from, and why? Is there a church you wish she had visited? Which one and why would you have liked to read a chapter on that particular one?
  4. If you belong to a church, what do you think the author would have found if she visited yours? What aspect would you have wanted to show off? What would you have hoped she didn't notice?
  5. Shea didn't notify churches that she was visiting, or that she would be writing about her visit. Do you think she should have? Do you think the experience would have been different if she had - do you think a church or congregation would display different behavior if it thought many others would be reading about it?